Innvandring, Integrering, Rettferdighet

Rogaland SV

November 8, 2009

Lørdag var jeg i Stavanger og snakket om hvordan vi kan få til rettferdig fordeling og utjevning for å avskaffe fattigdom. Fredag besøkte jeg desentraliserte mottak drevet av Hero. Ahmed Bozgil viste meg rundt. Et desentralisert mottak er organisert slik at folk ikke bor samlet et sted, men er spredd rundt i vanlige leiligheter og hus. Et sted jeg besøkte, bodde to familier med tilsammen tre barn i en treroms leilighet. De mente det var bedre å bo der enn i mottak, fordi de kunne bo som vanlige folk. Et annet sted bodde 8 mann i køyesenger 4 på rommet i en treroms leilighet. Den eneste gangen jeg har bodd så trangt, var i Forsvaret på Madla. Takk til Hero for omvisningen. Det var interessant og jeg fikk i hvert fall to ideer til å endre dagens politikk. De kommer snart.

PS! SU arrangerte Vaffelaksjon med feministiske priser, for å kompensere for at kvinner eier mindre og tjener mindre enn menn. Skamgode vafler!

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  • sergio

    I need to know if you are aware about FAITH OSAGIES case.
    It was published on Adressavissen on december 16th, 17th and 19th 2011.

    She is a victim of a human traffic organization, she ran away from them in Italy where she was kept under torture and forced to prostitution. She arrived Norway around march 2009, on may 2009 his baby was born in Oslo. Her request on asylum was interrupted almost one year ago, on an extradition order from Italy accusing her of being part of the organisation which held her against her will and torturing her to obey them. Since that time she is in Tunga’s prison in Trondheim.The italian request says that Osagie is another person named Monday which is the name on the passport the trafficker gave her to enter in Italy, and they add also she is the sister of one of the traffickers, even she sustained than except her son she has no family at all. Suspiciously when her lawyer on the front of such an accusation requested a DNA test, the italians denied to do it and surprisingly the norwegian authorities accepted it in silence. All these makes sense for people to believe she is a scapegoat (or in norwegian “syndebukk”).Meaning Osagie’s apprehension would close a case in Italy without disturbing the real “trafficking bosses”.Regretably, on the view of the “Politiadvokat i Trondheim”, which I to quote textually: “Den medisinske rapporten, som konkluderer med at Osagie har vært utsatt for alvorlig vold, ikke beviser noen ting”.(the medical report, which concludes that Osagie has been subjected to serious violence, does not prove anything).

    It’ s painfull, today, hear such a statement coming from the police, whom supposedly is the organization from the society who have the duty to protect the innocent and act against the real traffickers instead to prosecute their victims. But Faith is not the only victim on this case, besides her situation appears her son legal status: He’ born here in Norway but he has no papers, nor any nationality. What arises several hard questions since he is not guilty at all:

    1) uncertainty about what will be the immediate destination in Italy, for a two and a half years old boy when he is no a family at all and his only parent is detained in jail.

    2) uncertainty about knowing if the child is going to be sent to prison with the mother and if he doesn’t, where will he be sent by the Italian authorities.

    3) The huge anxiety not knowing in the event that his mother is sentenced in Italy, as he was not born in Italy (remember he is born here in Norway, but without papers) which legal regime will assist him?

    4) Will he stay in Italy or will he be deported and in such a case, where?

    Her lawyer is Leif Strøm.
    Can you help her about her baby’s terrible situation??
    Thank you for your attention.